Email Marketing

Cactus Sky Communications engages your audience with custom-designed eMail campaigns, landing pages, and automated registration forms that capture sales leads sent to you in real-time.


We do this using proven methodologies developed over many years. We employ content marketing to offer tips, ideas, and suggestions from your firm’s top executives directly to the decision-makers you seek to engage.


We combine this with press releases to our longtime media resources to add third-party validation and professional marketing campaigns to clearly articulate your message and build your brand.

Campaign Strategy Development

Cactus Sky’s professional marketing team will work with your team to understand and articulate your value proposition. We will create targeted content-based eMail campaigns to engage recipients with valuable information, tips, ideas, suggestions, and news analysis. Campaigns examples are: 

  • Tip of the Month
  • Marketing eMails
  • Video eMails
  • Online Newsletters
  • Automotive Product Showcase Video Reviews

Custom-designed CSS Mobile-Enabled Emails

All of Cactus Sky’s digital marketing is CSS mobile enabled. Over 50% of automotive professionals interact with the Internet and eMail via mobile devices. Cactus Sky has been at the forefront of the mobile-enabled movement for years with its email marketing, HTML landing pages, and web development.

Automated Distribution Data Capture Form

Cactus Sky can create eMail campaigns that include digital data capture forms that automatically generate emails to key executives and your sales team with contact information. This real-time notification enables them to follow up with leads quickly.

Adaptive Sequence Messaging

“Adaptive Sequence Messaging” within an eMail campaign uses pre-designed messaging logic, which delivers appropriate messages based on the recipient’s responses, interactions, and preferences. These “Drill Down” Campaigns typically generate response rates over 40% and encourage long-term relationships as they move the recipient along the purchase path.



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