Audience Development

Cactus Sky can get you linked to thousands of targeted automotive decision-makers for you to start building online relationships. Once connected, you have the advantage of building a business relationship with them and developing a future customer base.


This proven process combines strategic connection requests with consistent, engaging social posts.  Today businesspeople review profiles before accepting connection requests.  Cactus Sky has developed a successful process of building targeted audiences, as evidenced in how we grew LinkedIn Connections.

  • Ann Cutcher: began with 22 and grew to 2,375 connections in 12 months
  • William Ford: began with 227 and grew to 2,895 in 12 months
  • Andrea Karsian: began with906 and grew to 1,402 in 90 days
  • Hugh Hathcock: began with under 500 and grew to 2,772 in less than 5 months
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