The 5 Types of Videos Your Dealership Needs

Watching videos on the cell phone has overtaken talking on the phone. We are a video society with over 5 billion videos watched daily on YouTube alone.


This session will provide a deep dive into the five types of videos every dealership needs and how, when, and where to incorporate them. With so much video content available, the shotgun approach no longer works. You must place your videos appropriately and strategically, or they will get lost in cyberspace. What consumers watch directly impacts where they shop.


This session will provide the tools to ensure potential customers see your videos.

Video Testimonials Your Marketing Secret Weapon

The average person watches 100 minutes of video daily, and 90% say video reviews influence their purchasing decision.


This training will showcase Video Testimonials’ impact on sales, service, and customer retention. Attendees will learn how to get testimonials, what to include in them, and how to incorporate them into their digital marketing.


66% of people would rather watch a video than read an article to get information. Online shopping is here to stay, and 77% say that online reviews impact where they do business. Video testimonials need to be the cornerstone of your digital presence, and I will detail what a properly structured testimonial looks like.


The session will review how to incorporate the videos into all your digital marketing platforms, including your website, and will end with the Magic Bullet on how to get your customer to start marketing for you.

How Connected Cars are Changing the World

Connected cars are here, and they are increasingly getting more sophisticated. This session will address the opportunities a customer’s vehicle data provides and how to use it to improve the customer experience.


We will delve into accessing the data in real-time and then integrating it into your ongoing customer communications to provide an omnichannel experience. Dealers will learn how to use this data to improve call center interactions and service department visits, increase email engagement and aftermarket product sales, and, most importantly, increase customer retention by proactively providing alerts about maintenance needs and safety issues.

STOP Selling on Social Media

Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.


The ability to target your audience is unparalleled, yet dealers continue to misuse this channel. In this learning lab, I will address dealers’ biggest social media mistakes and provide a road map for success.


Social media marketing has two benefits for the dealership, relationship – reputation building and, of course, sales. Unfortunately, most dealers ignore the first benefit and then spam their audience with vehicle ads which eventually will backfire as they are blocked or unsubscribed.


This learning lab will provide best practices on building and maintaining a social media audience that engages and ultimately purchases from your dealership.

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